I’m continuing to read Sophie Scholl & The White Rose and yes, as I mentioned I might, I do have another blog post about it.

About halfway through reading I’ve discovered something.

The friendship between these people was part of their resistance.

The bonds between them, the respect and affection as it grew, effected them greatly for good.

They met, they argued, they shared lives. They discussed ideas, what was happening in their country, the countries around them, with Nazism.

This resulted in revolutionary behavior.

In a way friendship itself is revolutionary. It’s violently against hate. It’s FOR the bonds between people.

A friend loves you right along with your foibles, because of your strengths, but also — simply as your person, as who you are, as a unique human being.

You share with each other … stories, jokes, time together and … simply enjoy one another.

But the richness between you, is what?

It’s love – it’s affection, camaraderie, respect, fun.

Friends make us more of a person, more of a developed person. We call each other out on stuff, we help each other figure out life, we share experiences.

Just having someone else experience who YOU ARE. Is a gift. And I’m realizing, also a powerful strengthening agent.