“Your brilliant first flop was a raging success!

Come on, let’s get busy and on to the next!”


There are scientific studies on the value of failure. But ROSIE REVERE, ENGINEER sums up the concept perfectly — and you get brilliant illustrations and humor along the way.

What I love about this book is that it’s NOT about one single person. The little Rosie character is helped by her caring, older Great Aunt. This is wonderful. None of us makes it on our own.

The inspiration-to-completion trajectory of the story is great. The gadgets created are fun. There is enjoyable silliness throughout.

We need to do way more celebrating of failure. And it’s related imaginative exploration.

Throw a “failure party” and read this book aloud!

I also love that Rosie makes a big, giant, colorful mess when she’s making things.

Written by:

Andrea Beaty


Illustrated by:

David Roberts



(c) 2013 Abrams Books for Young Readers