Just for a laugh. (:  Found on Twitter @CarolynArends

Just for a laugh. (:
Found on Twitter @CarolynArends

Remember that house-building analogy? The one about writing a book is like building a house?

Well after some critiques of my WIP, I’ve discovered that in fact I did create a house/story.

My story-house has missing walls on a couple rooms. It has doors going nowhere. It has rooms completely without doors. Those things need to be fixed.


First, I settled down. I let the feedback penetrate the surface. I percolated.

Then I made notes, and created documents with titles like:


“Problems & Possible Solutions”

“Notes on WIP”

I wrote down everything that came to mind while I analyzed. I thought. I began reading a couple really good children’s novels. I watched a good TV show.

Then I wrote some sections that I thought were missing as they came to me, not knowing exactly where they would fit into the manuscript.

My critique partner gifted me with several great resources on plotting. These were exactly what I’d been looking for but had not found online. (She found them in magazines.)

I’d studied several books on plotting and gotten some good data but I needed something short and technical. Something that I could plug my ms into and it would help me figure out what to do.

power outlet with plugged in cord, closeup isolated on white. limited dof, focus on outlet.

After all this and an excellent brainstorming session with a literary friend (and a plotting session with a giant pad of paper) I’ve begun again…

And, it’s coming! It’s happening… The same thrill of creation, but this time what’s appearing is how things fit together, instead of a character out of thin air (although those are expanding too).

This is all so fascinating.

But I totally see, why so many people quit throughout this process.

It’s basically facing failure, over and over and over again.

What keeps me going is:

1) The little niggling thought that it can be figured out.

2) A pure, inescapable (unexplainable?) pull to keep on doing it.

3) Friends, friends, friends.

4) Listening to FIGHT SONG by Rachel Platt ~

I THOUGHT her lyrics were:

This is my fight song/Take back my life song/PROVE THEM ALL RIGHT SONG!

[She actually says, “Prove I’m alright song.”]

Uhm. I’m going with the, “Prove them all right song.” (:

This is SO different than “prove them all wrong” (which actually can be motivating too, but maybe in the short-term?)


Anyone who has ever noticed or complimented or appreciated my writing, or ability with words … I want to prove them right! I want to keep working.

Anyone who had ever encouraged me and others to write/create — THANK YOU!!!! Every one. Seriously. Thank you.