There’s been a lot of traveling (or travelling, depending on where you’re from) :0) ~

Some of you know that our family has been living in both Texas and Colorado for the past year. We still are. So, I thought it’d be fun to have a game called,

“Where’s Heila?!”

You know like Where’s Waldo? (or Where’s Wally? – again depending on where you’re from).

It’s hard to keep track of me, and I know everyone’s confused. This should help.

Check these out:


Clue: The route is between Abilene, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado—–

  1. IMG_0032

Lots of windmills and quiet cotton fields around here.

2. IMG_0040

A reflection of the heart of Texas?

3. IMG_0055

An enchanted land?

4. IMG_0067

Mice should run & hide from this growling oso.

5. IMG_0068

Screamin’ gorgeous clouds and volcanic formations.

—–Did you have fun?


1 out of 5: you haven’t traveled the lonely highways of Texas, New Mexico or Colorado lately.

2 – 4  out of 5: you’ve possibly made this trip, but not in awhile

5 out of 5: you’re a seasoned and observant road warrior


  1. near Roscoe, Texas  2. downtown Amarillo, TX  3. Clayton, NM (Land of Enchantment) 4. Raton, (means mice in Spanish) NM (oso = bear)  5. Also Raton, NM – really cool scenery around there

Happy Trails to you,