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Prior to this trip, Disney I found overwhelming. Being sucked into what I saw as the artificial, overblown world of a theme park was more nightmare-inducing than fun for me. I felt like I couldn’t escape – and it was all noise, all the time. But now I get it. Having spent the past week on the grounds of Disney World, I feel like I understand the attraction. It’s the chance to be a part of the “show.” It’s the feeling of being engulfed in a fantasy world. One that is clean, filled with bright colors and laughter. Plus, the allure is there of “meeting” one’s favorite characters. As a writer and voracious reader (and watcher of TV & movies), I can relate to that. I still don’t get into it as much as some (I’ll ride one or two amusement park rides and then be done, looking around for the art museum), but I understand the attraction better now.

Here was our first impression of the lobby of the hotel:

I still needed to get “off-base” (the Disney area is HUGE – plus there are TWENTY theme parks in the Orlando area) during the week of my husband’s professional conference, and one such excursion was to the botanic garden. The beautiful plants and impressive¬†collection of roses (and lots of quiet) absolutely Fed My Soul.

purplish pink rose

Plus, the eternal mysteriousness of Spanish Moss:

Another outing was to the Orlando Museum of Art where I enjoyed two outdoor installations especially:

And then I went to work at two different libraries one day. Here’s a clip of one’s unusual suburban location; and a giant, interesting Disney-themed sight on the way to the other: